Gravestones - A Helpful Guide

Gravestones are found worldwide and stand proud in the resting place of a loved one. We have all seen cemeteries and gravestones, however, we rarely talk to our loved ones about what we desire after we have passed. It can be a difficult process to step into, especially if it hasn’t been discussed. We hope to be supportive in your search for a memorial for your loved one, so we have put together a short guide to help you get started. Here are the steps we will take for you in the memorial process.

Headstones that are One of a Kind

Take a second to think about the person you are going to memorialize. No matter who it is, we can all agree...they were one of a kind. They endured hardships, they embraced loved ones, they were molded into someone that is unique, and different than anyone else you have known. Headstones and other memorials should be the of a kind. After all, it is in honor of someone that is one of a kind.

Grave Markers to Last

What goes into grave markers, and what will make it last? You may have no idea what is available, or even where to start looking when it comes to purchasing a grave marker. There are plenty of options, and many dealers to choose from, but what makes a quality and lasting monument? You may find yourself a little overwhelmed by all the choices. We hope to help you understand why granite grave markers are made to last.

Cemetery Headstone - Choosing the Right One

After you suffer loss there is no easy way to move forward. There are no set rules on how to grieve, and there most definitely is no right or wrong way to get through it. Everyone goes through the process a little differently, and at their own pace, so choosing a cemetery headstone for a memorial celebration comes at different times also. We want to express to you not to feel rushed or hurried along. Yes, it is important to take steps toward memorializing your loved one, but not before you are ready. When you and your family have come to a place of acceptance after your loved ones passing, it is a safe time to start the process of choosing a cemetery headstone.

Memorial Headstones - What to Expect When Shopping

It can be hard to imagine what to expect when shopping for memorial headstones. After all, the purchase of a headstone comes at a difficult time and there are so many options out there. Knowing what to expect and where to start can become a little overwhelming. We hope to help you understand what you can expect while you and your family are deciding on memorial headstones to honor a lost loved one. It is our aim to offer up a starting point, that you may enter into the process with a little wisdom to take with you.

Gravestones: When do I start looking for memorials?

Shopping for gravestones can be a difficult task to take on after the death of a loved one. There is no set amount of time to start looking for gravestones or memorials for your loved ones resting place. One of the worst experiences for anyone in the grieving process is being rushed or pressured into purchasing a memorial stone. Shopping for gravestones should come after you have gone through the grieving process, not during. Every family will experience the grieving process differently, but its important to remember you don’t have to hurry through it.

Headstones within Budget

It can be a challenge to find good quality headstones and stay within a budget. We hope to be able to help you understand how you and your family can save money and still purchase quality headstones. Let’s face it, today's market has had an effect on all of our pocketbooks, and sometimes the unexpected costs after the loss of a loved one can be a little overwhelming. In some cases, memorial services haven't been planned for, and a grieving family is left with this burden. This can already be a stressful time, and adding financial stress can add to the load. It is so important to remember you are not required to purchase anything in a rush, and you should never be “sold” headstones your family is unable to afford. Beautiful headstones of great quality can be purchased within almost every budget. Here are some areas you may want to consider while shopping for headstones and gravestones to help you stay within a healthy budget for your family.

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