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Decisions and the Grieving Process

The selection of a memorial as a tribute to a loved one is an important decision. Before reading the information on our website, please know that it is our wish that you not feel pressure to make immediate decisions about a memorial. This guide is meant only to inform you about granite memorials, so when you are ready, you may feel confident in your choice. As monument builders for over one hundred years, we respect your feelings during this time, and provide you with the helpful guide to educate you about what is, for most people, an unfamiliar purchase.


C. Michael Birkmeier - President

Is it Granite? Or is it Marble?

It is granite. The majority of memorials placed in cemeteries in the Northern U.S. are made out of granite. Over time, granite is proven to be far more durable than marble. Visit a cemetery and locate an older section that contains marble monuments. You will find that the family names and dates on marble monuments are barely legible. The reason? Since marble is a softer rock, erosion over time slowly eats away at its surface.Granite, on the other hand, is classified as igneous rock, one of the hardest rock forms in existence. It has been proven highly durable and not likely to erode. Find a granite monument in your local cemetery and you will not that the lettering is still clear and legible even years after it was originally placed in the cemetery.

What is Granite?
Where does the Granite come from?
How are Granite Memorials made?
What kind of designs are available?
How long does it take from the time a monument is ordered, until it is placed in the cemetery?
What factors go into the cost of a memorial?
What should a buyer look for when considering a memorial purchase?

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