Family Guide for Purchasing Gravestones

The purchase of gravestones and other memorials doesn’t have to be a stressful time. Finding a great provider will make all the difference in the process, and is a great starting point. Gravestones serve as a memorial of a loved one, so the process of creating their monument should aid in the healing process. Here we will go over a few ways your provider will come alongside you and your family in the memorial stone process.

Headstones: Uncovering the Past

Many of us may never know what our family tree looks like from hundreds of years past, but headstones and other grave markers are used to trace genealogy every day. Genealogists use headstones, cemetery records, obituaries, and many other things to help them locate connections in a family tree.
You might say headstones mark your family's history in stone.

Grave Markers Forever Etched in Time

Grave markers will forever mark the resting place of your loved one, etching their remembrance in stone for generations to come. Have you ever thought about what goes into etching memorials, or what makes them last and weather the test of time? There are many techniques used today to create beautiful grave markers, headstones, and monuments. Here a few of the techniques we use to create great quality granite memorials.

Memorial Headstones - Get a Great Deal

When you think of grave markers and other memorial headstones, you may be sold into the idea that you can’t afford high quality. Many families have skipped memorializing a loved one altogether or settled for poor stone quality or unskilled workmanship because they believed that great quality was not an option for them. We want to encourage you and help you to understand and know the options available to you, within your budget.

Gravestones - A Helpful Guide

Gravestones are found worldwide and stand proud in the resting place of a loved one. We have all seen cemeteries and gravestones, however, we rarely talk to our loved ones about what we desire after we have passed. It can be a difficult process to step into, especially if it hasn’t been discussed. We hope to be supportive in your search for a memorial for your loved one, so we have put together a short guide to help you get started. Here are the steps we will take for you in the memorial process.

Headstones that are One of a Kind

Take a second to think about the person you are going to memorialize. No matter who it is, we can all agree...they were one of a kind. They endured hardships, they embraced loved ones, they were molded into someone that is unique, and different than anyone else you have known. Headstones and other memorials should be the of a kind. After all, it is in honor of someone that is one of a kind.

Grave Markers to Last

What goes into grave markers, and what will make it last? You may have no idea what is available, or even where to start looking when it comes to purchasing a grave marker. There are plenty of options, and many dealers to choose from, but what makes a quality and lasting monument? You may find yourself a little overwhelmed by all the choices. We hope to help you understand why granite grave markers are made to last.

Cemetery Headstone - Choosing the Right One

After you suffer loss there is no easy way to move forward. There are no set rules on how to grieve, and there most definitely is no right or wrong way to get through it. Everyone goes through the process a little differently, and at their own pace, so choosing a cemetery headstone for a memorial celebration comes at different times also. We want to express to you not to feel rushed or hurried along. Yes, it is important to take steps toward memorializing your loved one, but not before you are ready. When you and your family have come to a place of acceptance after your loved ones passing, it is a safe time to start the process of choosing a cemetery headstone.

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