Gravestones have been used traditionally to mark the resting place of deceased loved ones for many years. But, where did this tradition originate? Grave marking seems to be a tradition in almost every region, and religion, dating farther than recorded history in all places and cultures. Gravestones have been found as early as 2,000 BC. Though these looked much different than the gravestones we see today, the marking of lost loved ones can be seen all through history.

Headstones and grave markers are great ways to memorialize a lost loved one. You may have already discovered there are many different types of memorial monuments to choose from. We will take a look at two traditional types of monuments and compare their differences. Headstones and grave markers are the two most common monuments available for cemetery grave marking today. When choosing a granite memorial stone, a great starting place will be to choose the style that fits your family best.

Planning after the loss of a loved one can be a hard and even stressful time for many. After the funeral arrangements and final goodbyes have been made, often the next step will be to find a memorial. Finding a way to both honor and remember your loved one is different for every family. A good first step is to decide on what kind of memorial fits your family best. A Granite Bench Memorial is just one of the many custom and unique options available.

Can you imagine with me? A beautiful spring day, a whimsical willow tree, a sweet soft breeze flowing over your skin. There are flowers all around and perfectly positioned Bench Memorials, one especially dedicated to the one you love. We have all had the privilege to sit down on one of these beautiful pieces of art in a park, or maybe in a cemetery. It is a sweet time to sit and reflect on the life that the one being remembered lived. What lasting memories a memorial can continue to create year after year, and generation after generation.

Grave markers mark the resting place of your loved one, but it can be a challenge to find a good time to deal with all these sorts of details. Some, push through and get these sort of things done almost in a daze, some wait a long time before they are ready. There is no right or wrong time to make decisions like these as all seem to go through the grieving process in their own personal time table. Deciding on grave markers should come at a good time for your family.

It can be hard to put a price on memorial headstones, because of what they represent. They represent the memory of a lost loved one, and of course, we want them to be as great as that memory. It can be hard to stay focused, and choose wisely when presented with so many beautiful options. Understanding what influences price may help to stay in a budget that works well for your family. There are 3 major factors to consider when designing memorial headstones: Type of Granite being used, style and size, and custom details.

There is a wide variety of beautiful stones and styles to choose from when deciding upon a memorial for your loved one. Cemetery Headstones are a pleasing way to forever remember your loved one, and we hope to help you in the process of choosing the perfect one. It can be a little overwhelming to find what you are looking for, as there never seems to be the perfect words, or the perfect stone to showcase what your loved one has meant to the world, and you.

When we take a look back at Memorial days of past, it’s hard not to think about our Veteran’s and all they have done for us. Some soldiers have left behind a family who will find themselves in front of a cemetery monument, missing their loved one. It was with great sacrifice and pride for our country that they fought for the freedoms and many of the wonderful privileges we still enjoy today. With memorial day quickly approaching, we want to take the time to sincerely thank all those who have served our country.

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