What to expect: Memorial Headstones

Choosing memorial headstones isn’t a decision you will likely have to make many times in your life, so it can be a little overwhelming to start the process. If you are like most families, the thought of taking the first steps in the memorial process may feel pretty big. We are here to help you navigate some of those big decision, and hope some insight into the process may help.

When shopping Online:

100 5902 JPGIf you start with a simple online search, you will find plenty of options available. Memorial headstones are available both online, and from local dealerships. You may be wondering what the difference is? Online headstone purchases may seem appealing. They offer lower prices, quick turnaround, and claim to offer the highest quality. Often, these providers are able to offer lower prices because of a few things. Many times, their materials are lower quality than what you may find with local providers. Another way they are able to offer low prices is because of their techniques. Often, these stones are produced with techniques that are literally just surface deep. In time, the dye, paint or tint may wear off with harsh weather conditions. Purchasing memorial headstones online most likely will also lack service, as installation and cemetery regulations will be your responsibility. This can be overwhelming for anyone who isn’t knowledgeable in this area.

When Choosing a Local Provider:

Shopping local almost always pays off for the buyer. When choosing a local memorial provider, you will be getting more than just a better quality product. There is something to be said about local service and a knowledgeable provider on your side in a hard time. Memorial headstones are unique and special for every family, and should be treated as such in every step of the memorial the process. A trusted provider will be there to help you navigate during the headstone creation. They have skilled artist, who have years of experience in their craft, and will provide the highest of quality. Delphos Granite Works is one such provider who has had the honor of serving families just like yours for over four generations. It isn’t a job, but a privilege to help families create beautiful and timeless memorial headstones.

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