Granite Bench Memorial - What about Wood, Cement or Marble?

With so many options available to us today, choosing what type of memorial bench to go with can be a drawn-out process. Whether you decide you want wood, cement, marble, or a granite bench memorial, we hope to help you with your decision with some useful information.


Location is important

Granite Bench Memorial, of courseOne of the first things you will want to do when deciding on the purchase of a bench memorial is to find a location. Some choose to utilize a granite bench memorial in the place of a headstone, and some prefer to place their memorial benches in a park, or even at home. Wherever you decide is the perfect location, you will need permission. Then, you will want to find out if there are any regulations that need to be adhered to. Most trusted memorial providers will help guide you in this step, or may even do it for you.

Choose a Material

After you have decided on a location, your provider will want to talk about the material, and what you want your memorial bench constructed from. Whether you choose wood, cement, marble or a granite bench memorial, you will want it to last. Be sure to compare materials and weigh the options before you commit to one. It’s important to remember that though some materials such as wood, and cement may be a smaller initial investment, they may require more maintenance through the years to keep them looking presentable. If this type of work doesn’t appeal to you, you may want to consider a marble, or granite bench memorial instead. Both beautiful and elegant, and made to last with very little to no maintenance.

Granite Bench Memorial, of course!

There is one material in particular that we recommend, so much so, we have made it our specialty. Granite. Granite bench memorials have a certain elegance that stands up to weather, and time. Delphos Granite Works has had the great privilege of working with many families through the years to create beautiful granite bench memorials to honor their loved ones in a more practical way. We look forward to helping you create the perfect memorial, too. Contact us today!

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