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Granite Monument Artwork Samples

Which type of artwork should you use? It depends on your desired result. Here at Delphos Granite Works, we use four types of quality artwork to create your monument: Deep Cut, Laser Etching, Diamond Etching, and Masks.

Deep Cut in Granite

deep-cut-granite-monument-artworkThis method is the most commonly used. It can be applied to any color of granite. We cut the desired design into a thick stencil material which is applied to the granite. Then, the monument is sandblasted to specifications to achieve the desired results.

View the Deep Cut Granite Monuments Gallery

Laser Etching on Granite

Laser Etched Granite MonumentAfter a piece of Black granite has been carved and lettered, a customer may want to personalize his/her monument by having either a piece of artwork or a photograph etched onto the monument. This process uses a large laser machine to literally burn the image into the granite. Very fine detail can be achieved using this method. However, the original artwork or photograph must be of very good quality.

View the Gallery of Granite Monuments with Laser Etching

Diamond Etching in Granite

diamon-etched-granite-monument-artworkOf all of our methods, diamond etching is the only one that color can be applied to. A diamond etching is created by one of our skilled monument artists on Black granite using a hand-held engraver to actually draw the artwork directly onto the monument. The result is a finely detailed, beautifully rendered etching.

View the Granite Monuments with Diamond Etching Gallery

Masks Applied to Darker Granite

Masks are created by using a special film that is applied to darker granites. This film is very thin but strong. Our craftsmen use sand on the film to remove just enough of the polish from the monument to make the artwork visible. This method allows for some detail, but not as much as laser or diamond etching.

Granite Monuments with Masks Gallery coming soon.


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